How To Get Free Netbooks For Disabled People

Netbooks are actually mini laptop computers that have been designed with mobility and portability in mind. The best thing about them is that they are easy to use and can incorporate all the hardware that a laptop or a desktop computer can provided that they are supported by the memory size which is usually a little lower than that of the laptop or the desktop computer. How to get free netbooks for disabled people should be easy; and therefore, you would only need to know the right place to look for them.

Perhaps the first step that you should take in your search for free netbooks for the impaired people would be to assess the kind of impairments that you want to address. For example, there are people who are virtually blind and others who are only partially blind. For the totally blind, it would be wise to seek out the netbook computers that are fitted with hi-tech sound devices that will produce sound any time a program goes through or any time a command is given wrongly. Such should also come with a special type of keyboard on which the letters should be felt rather than seen. There are many in the market.

If you want to know how to get free netbooks for disabled people who have partial sight ability, then a keyboard with enlarged letters should suffice. The letters should be done out in colors that can catch the eye under little or no light at all. For the hard of hearing, forget the incorporation of sound devices into their free netbooks because such will not be heard. Rather, replace them with visual effects like color and images.

Find out what the intended recipients of the free netbooks intend to do with their computers so that you can have the right programs and operating systems installed. For example, if they are to be used for distance studies, then they should incorporate programs that support the internet and the search engines, because such will be used extremely for research. Then, the next thing after that is to get in touch with all charitable organizations that you can get listed online or in the telephone directory and send them your proposals. If they approve of them, you will be assured of getting your free netbooks. You could as well register your own voluntary organization that will mainly deal with how to get free netbooks for disabled people.